Smart and reliable water and wastewater infrastructure systems for our future cities in India and Germany


The overall project goal is to support the implementation of reliable and sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure systems to increase citizenĀ“s quality of life. 

A water infrastructure planning process has immense influence to the quality of the WIS measure implementation. The use of systematic planning tools enables planners and decision makers to consider e.g. following targets:

  •  integrated water management in cities 
  •  identify smart measures and compare smart and conventional concepts
  • consider future conditions, e.g. population or climate prognosis, and develop robust WIS systems even with a wide variation in project conditions
  • water body and environmental protection and a more closed urban water cycle

To achieve the goals, we are developing Flow Charts which provide steps to be taken, tasks to be carried out and guidance to the different tools that can be used to carry out the tasks while planning the water infrastructure. These flow charts will be simple, easy and quick to understand the various steps which need to be taken while planning. They are being developed for both green field projects as well as retrofit projects. We are also developing optimization models and excel sheets for carrying out specific tasks, which aid in planning.