Smart and reliable water and wastewater infrastructure systems for our future cities in India and Germany

Planning tools

In our work, basic software tool to aid in planning and design of water infrastructure is the already available ++SYSTEMS package, developed by tandler.com. Additional software tools and components for the ++SYSTEMS package are being developed as follows to carry out specific tasks:
(i) An EXCEL sheet for estimation of design water demands (& design wastewater inflows) at network nodes, based on the spatial distribution of present population, population forecasts and developmental plans;
(ii) an optimization model for integrated design of network routing and pipe sizes;
(iii) a program for the design of DMAs (District Metering Areas) for pressure and leakage management in water distribution networks;
(iv) an optimization model for the integrated planning of the water supply and domestic wastewater management systems and
(v) an optimization model for the integrated planning of water supply, domestic wastewater management and storm water management.