Smart and reliable water and wastewater infrastructure systems for our future cities in India and Germany

Stormwater management

Longtime stormwater runoff was less considered in infrastructure planning. Nowadays in Germany in all new building areas the stormwater runoff is an important part of the official approval (that is necessary before implementation). It is investigated if the stormwater runoff could be infiltrated into the ground or if retention volume could reduce water body and urban space damages or if the stormwater needs treatment before being infiltrated or lead into surface water. New guidelines will support the water body protection even more by closing the urban water cycle, e.g. with infrastructure measures considering evapotranspiration. Reuse of stormwater for urban purposes or groundwater refill are advanced approaches investigated. Smart solutions are connected with implementing measurement equipment, e.g. water level and flow devices in the sewerage system, and use the measurement values for a better integrated strategy, e.g. with help of real time control. In this project the planning procedure of stormwater management measures in integrated water systems is investigated and developed.